Cervia is a well-known locality of Emilia-Romagna that overlooks one of the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic coast and its 9 km long coastline is characterized by shallow waters and a beach with fine and golden sand. In the municipality of Cervia there are the famous seaside hamlets of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.

Cervia is also famous as a city of salt. The history of the city is very linked to the production of salt and the Saline di Cervia, already in operation at the time of the Romans, remain today an attraction but also a source of pride for the town.

Discovering Cervia and the hamlets of Milano Marittima, Tagliata and Pinarella offers the opportunity to live a unique experience, because this area has a wonderful coast, shallow waters, fine sand, but also different historical and natural beauties that are easy to reach, such as : the Salina Park, the Butterfly Park and the Natural Park.

Finally, Cervia and its hamlets are the ideal place to discover the culinary culture of Romagna. In these areas you can experience a unique gastronomic experience, aimed at discovering the main dishes of Romagna, such as piadina romagnola, passatelli, tortelli, and fresh fish preparations.

CerviaRisultati immagini per cervia

Risultati immagini per cerviaRisultati immagini per saline cervia

What to visit around Cervia

Cervia is surrounded by tourist resorts suitable for all ages and interests.
For those seeking the sea, there is plenty of choice: Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Rimini are just some of the favorite destinations of the Romagna Riviera.

For children and families, the numerous and beautiful theme parks of the Romagna Riviera are certainly the ideal destination to spend fun days for young and old.

Mirabilandia, the largest Italian amusement park which is only 10 minutes from Cervia is certainly the most sought-after destination for experiencing fun at any age. Thanks to the consolidated partnership with Adriasport all the participants in the Adriasport 2020 tournaments indicated in the catalog will have, already included in the tournament entry fees, the admission ticket to Mirabilandia valid for two days even if not consecutive during the tournament: an opportunity not to be missed! !!

For those who opt for a cultural holiday, finally, do not miss Ravenna, with the tomb of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri and the UNESCO heritage sites where you can admire the wonderful Byzantine mosaics such as the Basilica of San Vitale, The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, The Mausoleum of Theodoric, Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Sant’Apollinare in Classe, etc.

From the peaks of the Apennines to the blue of the sea, from the green hills to the sunny rural plains, from the quiet of the villages to the frenzy of the capitals, Romagna is a vast and varied territory to be discovered: rich in history, art and nature.

Whether you like seascapes or cities of art; whether you love unbridled fun or relaxation at the spa; that you aspire to a moment of stillness in front of a sunset or a ride the climb to enjoy the conquered peak: Romagna is able to offer you what you are looking for.

Those who come to Romagna want to come back, as the well-known song says … Romagnia mia, you can’t be far from you!

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Ravenna - Mosaici Ravenna - Mausoleo di Teodorico

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