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To confirm the registration:Contact us to let us follow you step by step to confirm your participation in the tournament. Fill out the registration form we sent you in the tournament information email and find it on the website www.adriasport.it in each of the individual pages of the event.
Deposit transfer:To confirm participation, it is necessary to transfer the deposit of € 1000.00 per team, unless otherwise agreed directly with Adriasport. The deposit will be deducted from your final account of the Company, while the balance must be sent within 15 days from the beginning of the Tournament. The total practice will be regularly billed to the sports club.
Bank details
Header account:
CODE IBAN: IT37 G062 7023 615CC 0150 015 116
Always indicate as random payment:
Name of the sports club, Category, name of the chosen tournament
When to register: Normally you register at least 30 days before the tournament, subject to availability of seats, if you are late, contact us sometimes it happens that for some renunciation there may be place even after this date
Federation:Normally the teams participating in a tournament must have the authorization of their own Federation
Referrals:Adriasport recognizes a contact person by company or team: quotes, information on the tournament, booking confirmations and financial aspects will be communicated to this person

Travel information: The information on the assigned logistic accommodation is normally provided 10 days before the tournament, at the same time an advised arrival time, meeting address, tournament schedule and all useful information will also be provided.

FIGC Identification tags: we remind you to bring with you to the tournament the federal identification cards, with photos, to present to the organization of the tournament and / or to the referee for the regular recognition of the players.

Partecipants details: As indicated in the email “Confirmation of participation in the tournament” sent to you following your registration, we remind you to send us, duly completed: the Rooming List form (to be filled in with name, surname, room chosen by each participant, whether adult, child or newborn) that you need at the hotel to be able to register to the Public Security forces as a group without having to ask for all the data and documents one by one upon your arrival and then speed up the check-in operations; the Team Detail module which serves the tournament technical secretariat, filled in with all the data of the players and managers, (a team detail for each registered team).

Identity Cards or Passport:it is mandatory to have a valid identity document for travel abroad in order to participate in foreign tournaments; It is always recommended, but not mandatory, for tournaments in Italy.

Tax code and health card:it is mandatory to have it with you in order to receive assistance and coverage, in case of need, both abroad and in Italy.

Expatriation documents: All minors of Italian citizenship to leave the country must be in possession of a personal document valid for expatriation, such as a passport or, for EU countries, an identity card valid for travel abroad is sufficient. Until they reach the age of 14, Italian minors can leave the country only if: accompanied by at least one parent or guardian or entrusted to a companion with an accompanying declaration (available at the police station). At the age of 14 they can travel without companions both within the EU and for destinations outside the EU. We always invite you to consult in advance the website of the State Police, or the passport office of your police station, to verify that you are in good standing with all the documents necessary for expatriation.

SETS OF GAME SHIRTS: we advise you to bring at least 2 sets of game shirts
SHOES:Metal studs in synthetic fields are not allowed
CLOTHING: In addition to normal everyday clothes, we advise you to wear sneakers, gym clothes, warm-up balls, participants list, identification cards

No balloons are provided for heating

Hotel accomodation:
The teams will stay, according to the requests and availability, in selected hotels. All the hotels correspond to the official hotel classification. Coaches, managers and carers will be accommodated in double rooms, while rooms with 3 or 4 beds will mainly be reserved for players and families with children. Normally every 20 people, with a supplement, you can book a single room.

The name of the hotel structure will be communicated to the team not earlier than 7 days before the start of the sporting event and in any case only after the total payment of the fees due. The receptive structures can ask for a cautionary deposit on the arrival of the groups that will be returned to the departure after having checked the rooms / housing units. Registration of teams outside the proposed hotel package will not be accepted.

Meals and times at the hotel:
The types of meals served to the groups and the places where they are consumed could be different from those for the rest of the clientele. It is always recommended that the group leader agree directly with the hotel management that hosts the group on meal times. It is very important to respect the agreed time and, in case of delay or unexpected events, it is essential to contact the hotel management where the group is expected. Excessive delays can cause the supplier to be unable to provide the service and the meal will still be charged even if not consumed.

Administration of special meals:
The presence within a group of people affected by celiac disease, with other food intolerances, or who for cultural / religious reasons cannot eat certain foods, must be reported in advance. Not all hotels and restaurants are organized for special meals. It is possible that interested customers will be required to bring with them bread substitutes or other foods appropriate to their diet. It is also possible that supplements are requested.

It is not possible to book accomodation facilities directly

What the price includes:
the prices of our packages include the various expenses of the tournament, referees, fields, award ceremonies, balls, entry to any opening ceremony, entry to sports fields, staff, etc. in addition to selected accommodations and meals.
What does not include the price:
the price does not include transport, extra costs, tourist tax where required and anything else not specified in the package offered
Executives, parents, carers:
the prices are the same as for the players
Subscription fee:
For each team there is a registration fee

Minimum and maximum number:
We recommend bringing at least 3 reserves for teams
We recommend bringing at least 2 managers, there is no maximum number
Parents are always welcome

Transport costs are not included, if you have difficulty contacting the bus or you want a quote Adriasport over the years has stipulated advantageous collaborations, if you travel by plane, train, etc. and you need local transport to reach the fields contact us and we will provide you with our best quote

Technical Information:
For all the technical information regarding Loans, Minimum guaranteed games, No. of players, consult the cards of each individual tournament and contact us for any questions or additional information.

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